Olivia Colle and Loubna Touzanilou

Let's build vaults...

Special Drawing,
 Version 1

 Inhabitate the columns, acoustic conection.

The form of the acoustic cone shares the

form of the arches constituing vaults.

Here is an extrapolation. The inside of the

columns serves as an acoustic conection

between floors, relying to the unity of the

complex space in the cathedral given by

its acoustic.

Sound reflection pattern: catalogue varying geometry and height of the sources.
This catalogue rely to the acoustic perfomance of the geometry
                    of the double acoustic cone,in section and in plan, looking at the pattern of the first, second and third reflections of sound from sources located above.

Sound  reflection pattern
along different typologies of vaults, sources of sound varying in height.

Sound reflection over the vaults of Beauvais Cathedral


Typologies of gothic vaults

 Time reverberation linked to the height of the vaults

      Acoustic cone modelling

Plan of Beauvais Cathedral


Principles of the rulling plan of Saint-Pierre de Beauvais, the Cathedral

Vault of the cathedral