La petite ceinture

/ Abandonned Territories
La Petite Ceinture

Paris, France
Built in 1852 - 1869
Abandonned in 1990
Current owner : RFF - Réseaux Ferrés de France

The “Petite Ceinture” is an old Paris railway with a double-track about 32 km of length (without connections) that went around Paris inside of the boulevards of the Marshals. Opened by sections 1852 to 1869, it is first devoted exclusively to freight before being opened to passenger traffic, with the exception of the Auteuil line, unlike directly open to travelers in 1854 and only in 1867 for the merchandise.

The line is now largely abandoned and amputated part of its length. A portion of the Auteuil line, however, was integrated in 1988 to the RER C line.The City then allowed an association to intervene to upgrade space (cleaning, trimming of vegetation, etc..) and made some necessary to accommodate public facilities and support maintenance in the part of a management plan. The site, inaugurated on 21 December 2007, has been a nature walk open to the public.The Petite Ceinture is now considered a biodiversity reserve.