Youfang Peng & Nolwenn Montagny


Craco, Province of Matera, Italy
Abandoned in 1963

Located in the region of Basilicata, in southern Italy, Craco was built around 1060 on a mountain. In 1891, its population has reached 2,000 who lived in wheat and livestock. But in 1922-1943, a water tank in the Tour and a underground water network have been built in the village. The village is built on limestone, which has caused the major landslide in the village. In 1963, the remaining 1,800 inhabitants have been asked to evacuate and have settled in a valley, 7 km down from the mountain, a new city called Craco Peschiera.

"We thank the City of Cracow (MT-IT), Cracow Cracow Research and Production for permission and allowed the service videophotographic the site of Cracow Museum-Park Scenic visited with the Card issued by the City of Cracow Cracow. The historic center of Cracow was added to the Watch List 2010 of the World Monuments Fund among the 93 sites to save the world reported every two years by such a prestigious international institution."