Ylias Douibi, Victor Ostojic & Yunkwon Yi



/ Abandoned Territories

Water Park
Sitges, Catalonia, Spain
Constructed in the 90's

This water park is located in Sitges, a few kilometers away from south  Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).
It has been abandoned since the 90's. The park opened only for two seasons. 
The rumor says that a child died in the park, than the administration had to close it. 
Now the park is composed of five empty pools and slides without maintenance. Urban artists made many grafts on the pool's borders. 
There was a project by a real estate company from Barcelona to rebuild the park in 2008, but the project fell down, because of the economic crisis. The park is often used by military like a training field.

Victor Ostojic, Yunkwon Yi, Ylias Douibi