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Cereals Silos, Bordeaux, France
Built at the end of the 40's
Abandonned in 1975
Current owner : SAEM - Bordeaux Métropole Aménagement

On the riverside of the Garonne, near the wet dock of Bordeaux, those eight silos have been constructed at the end of the 40's and where designed for cereals storage.

Abandonned in 1975, the site has been bought by the town of Bordeaux who used it as a pound.

In 2010, the entire site has been sold too the Société Anonyme d'Economie Mixte Locale Bordeaux Métropole Aménagement.

Now, these silos are protected by the administration in order to be preserved and as a testimony of the industrial past of the district.
They are still abandonned, but sometimes used as art support.