Georges Farah

Pictures project presentation

Wall Presentation

Week 14: Spatial intervention in Beauvai's Cathedral

Week 13: Model project pictures

Week 12: Weeving in group model

Week 12: Model Drawings / researchs

Week 11: Model Workshop

Week 11: Cathedral drawings

 Week 10: Piece of vertical tapestry/model

 Week 9: "Basse lisse" loom drawing

Week 8: Pictures of my searching on weaving process / Testing weaving spaces

              Week 7: Catalog of each space beetween two squares on Cathedral's floor (the first part)

               Week 6:     Synthesis of all form of space beetween two squares on Cathedral's Floor 

                   Week 5: model, testing patern and layers of wires


Week 3&4: First analysis page:  junction printing

                     Week 2: Testing the patern density on all Cathedral's floor (work in progress)

                    Week 2: Some experimentations for the patern density on floor (work in progress)

                  Week 1: First drawing of the curent patern on Floor's Cathedral (work in progress)