Vanik Margossian and Jiadai Yu

Final Jury: Map and Dessin speciale

Final Pictures

/Model photos
(Intervention studies in model scale 1:50)

                                                       Week #13: New mapping

Week #12: Studies of exterior visualisation 


                         Week #11: Drawing+Model studies of intervention forms

Week #10: Project text 
As the world’s most ambitious gothic edifice, Beauvais Cathedral amazed us of its height, the light into the stained glass window, and the dimension of the spaces.

The investigation explore how people today see and feel of cathedral. As a masterpiece of thousands years, Beauvais Cathedral itself is a museum and exhibition to show the beauty of architecture, the ambitious of human, and the worship of god. The cathedral used to be a place for praying, exchanging, meeting, market, protection, used  in totality by people as a very important public space.  Today, the place you can enter is restricted, it become a tourist attraction. This is a regression in terms of using.  The project is inspired by the history of using of cathedral, developed as an urban intervention. Changing people’s view of observing, extend the traditional function to outside, “Re-opening” exterior public space, function like magnet, attracting new people and activities. 

Pre-jury presentation

Week #9: Serching the architectural project in the previous drawings. Using the map to definde areas of intervention, the axis of the map to organice the space and the model tests to analise and create.

Week #8: Mapping model testing to experiment with different spatial organization possibilities.

Week #7: WoMa - Model making

Week #6: Improvement of the map. Differenced zones. Some areas are darker than others.

Week #5: RE- Trip to Barcelona

Detail on how the conic surface projects through the columns and the space.

Week #4: Working on the different posibilities of representation for the mapping.
Conic surfaces filled with points.

Model construction tests: Trying materials

Week #03: Invisible condition, map of every person taking a picture of Beauvais Cathedral, to see where and how the different persons capture the space (Floor plan). 
First representation: Arcs.

Grasshopper representation of the structural forces and energy generated by the supports.

Grasshopper experience using the gothic windows as a base, changing the radius of the different circules, and moving them in different directions.

Week #2: Parametric experience with Grasshopper to find out hidden relations between the shapes componing the cathedral.

Geometrical and proportional analisis of the gothic windows

First analisis of the gothic windows

Axonometric analisis of the position inside the cathedral

First analisis of the supports

Week #01: Geometrical analisis of Beauvais gothic cathedral using only lines and circles trying to determinate how it was designed long time ago.