St Peter Seminary

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St Peters SeminaryCardross, Scotland Built in 1966 Abandoned in 1980 Current owner: Vatican city
Original purpose: The seminary was a roman catholic college. The capacity of the building was to receive 100 young priest. The seminary constituted of a convent block, a sanctuary block and a classroom block. Next to the building, was an old mansion, built during 1865-1868, the kilmahew house. Then, the archdiocese of Glasgow bought the site and ask the architecture office Gillespie, Kidd and Coia to build a new adjacent building.
Current situation: The building closed due to the lack of candidates entering the priesthood. Consequently, the college never reached its full capacity. Moreover, the building had lots of problem, including maintenance difficulties due to the structure and a significant water drainage problem.The building was abandoned during the 80s. It became a drug rehabilitation centre later. However, the same problem forced the closing down. In 1995, a fire damaged the building and leaded to the demolition of the kilmahew house. Nowadays, many architecture studios proposed several projects to give a new life to the site, but the discovery of asbestos, slowed down the new life.
Annea Fabrice & Fulchignoni Niccolò