/ Winter 2012 - Featured Project

According to the analysis of the wind and the vegetation on the first level and the steps of the stadium, we developed their interaction in order to create a formal connection. As the vegetation shows how seeds propagate through the concrete structure, we practiced different experimentations on the model using artificial wind sources to visualize the impact of the wind both on the ground and on vertical modules in between the columns.
 Algorithmic means enabled us to mark key points of the highest wind concentration that we connected with those of the vegetation. Each one of these points develops as a circle whose radius depends on the punctual intensity of the wind. The result is a dynamic structure that we translated into a constructive system. The interactive form of this structure consists of two elements: the membrane, whose form is controlled by the blowing wind, and a metallic tensile structure that defines limits for the fabric's evolving form. It makes optimal use of the passing wind currents, helping us to understand where wind currents are blocked by obstacles and, accordingly, how to place our structure.
In observations to the current use of the abandoned space, the program will develop as an entertainment facility that provides opportunities for people, both inhabitants and other visitors, for interactions and cultural exchange.
Paula Jurack and Lour Mahshi