Singular Propaganda

/ Winter 2012 - Featured Project

Giarre is particularly known for being one of the major cities which is concerned by the Incompiuto Siciliano; indeed there is several buildings including the Polo Stadium which was never completed.
We thought of implementing a new distinct programmatic that will remodulate the organisation of the infrastructure into a new one. From the above, a hotel program seems to fill in these requirements. This proposal will tend to provide a greater flux in tourism and thus increase the rate of transfer of information and will bring focus to the Incompiuto Siciliano 
In order to implement the new project, analysis were made on the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the stadium . From that, we started the inventory of the typology of textures on vertical surfaces and that of cracks on horizontal surfaces of the stadium's bleachers .
Construction Method
From one of the analysis, we noted that some parts of the bleachers were more fragile and contained more cracks that the others. These affected parts will be removed providing smaller spaces that allow the establishment of our program.
The constructive system is based from the topographical concept combined with a more geometrical approach. We have developed interlocking modules that form a protective roof for the new spaces and reveal them, it can also modulate the light and views within.

Safae Kettani and Fabrice Annea